Health Care

Summerley Court
Health Care Wing

Frail Care Suites

Situated on the ground floor of Summerley Court is a special exclusive use area for those members that face difficulties living in their own apartment due to health challenges. A suite here may be used by our members for post-operative care as an alternative to a care level in their apartment for periods of illness when they may feel more comfortable being closer to 24hr nursing personnel to help them recover. These spacious private suites of 31sqm have been designed with privacy, respect and dignity in mind whilst you recover. Agreements & Tariffs available on request.

Health Care Centre

Every member at Summerley Court has ‘a Life Worth Living’ the right to choose, the right to live in a private space, to dignity and respect no matter what health challenges face you. Our five spacious open plan 42sqm suites in the Assisted Care Centre offer those with severe life challenges the freedom to live and be fully cared for both in welfare and healthcare.

Members who purchase an apartment will have the opportunity to downsize into an Assisted Care Suite if available and the need arises.

Summerley Court Clinic

Open to residents for those routine checks, dressings and medical related consultations that may be required from time to time. SCC will be operated by our Medical Care Team and occasionally by visiting medical practitioners.

Private Care Companion Nursing

For the discerning member on any level of care who desires a high degree of personal attention offering you a service that is as individual as you are a companion who responds to your individual specific requirements. PCCN Agreement & Tariffs available on request. .