Operations Team

At Summerley Court the Operations Team is headed by the Ops Manager, who in conjunction with the Catering, Health Care and Administration Departments, aims to promote the effective day-to-day running of the facility. This means having a firm grasp of our client’s expectations and understanding their unique individual requirements.

The Ops team is responsible for maintenance, laundry, catering, landscaping, security and administration of accounts, social events of the residents, and the overall interdepartmental communication. Each member of the team has great skill and expertise in their respective departments, and together they have forged a professional team that is well equipped and enthusiastic to assist residents in living the carefree and secure lifestyle offered by Summerley Court.

“The Operations Team’s main role is to ensure that every person coming in contact with Summerley Court, has a pleasant experience” says Ops Manager Ivan Oosthuizen. “It remains a team effort and as members we rely entirely on each other’s commitment and professional attitude. It’s about taking responsibility for our roles and holding each other accountable for the outcomes of our actions”.

The Operations Team’s tasks and responsibilities are assessed and monitored on an ongoing basis to improve the service levels.

  Meet the Team

Michelle De Wet

Michelle De Wet

Operations manager

Michele De Wet took up her position as Operations Manager at Summerley Court at the end of April 2016.

She comes to Summerley Court with an accomplished career background of over 18 years in the Retirement Industry, Sales, Training & Development and Human Resources. Her enthusiasm for the retirement industry and the direction in which it is moving, passion for working with senior citizens and ability to develop sound working ethics are her definite assets.

She quotes ”Age may wrinkle the face but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul”

Marisa Symonns

Marisa Symonns

Health Care manager

Born in England, Marisa qualified as a registered nurse and came to South Africa in the 1980s. Marisa obtained two nursing degrees and has more than 35 years medical experience in a number of fields including oncology and palliative care.

For the past seven years she’s worked as a Senior Professional Nursing Manager in the retirement industry where her department was recently awarded the best healthcare centre. Marisa is inspired by finding new and innovative ways to offer high quality healthcare support and solutions to promote independence for retirees.

Annelien Kirsten

Annelien Kirsten

Sales and Marketing

Annelien Kirsten is registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) as a Master Practitioner in Real Estate (MPRE) having been involved in the property industry for the past 20 years. Her passion has always been in property development and she has been working as a consultant to developers on project planning, coordination, sales and marketing. It is thus not surprising that she completed the EAAB exams and while completing her BCom degree, followed up with a post grad diploma in Property Management, Development and Marketing.

Annelien has been involved in the retirement industry for a number of years and has successfully navigated the development, sales and establishment of a few retirement schemes. In her own words she describes property as a passion because “The best feeling in the world is coming back to that building or estate in a few years’ time to see that it is now a community where everyone is living together and sharing their lives - a place people call HOME”.

She wants to share and promote the existing excitement around purchasing and living at Summerley Court as an upmarket retirement destination and looks forward to meeting new clients and building special relationships.

Tilly Van Oudtshoorn

Tilly Van Oudtshoorn


Tilly is very passionate about the elderly and has the utmost respect for their knowledge and history of yesteryear.

She has been involved with the elderly for over 20 years and her main aim is to make the transition into retirement as pleasant and smooth as possible. She is very excited to be a part of the Summerley Court team and looks forward to maintaining a high standard of service and care to the residents and staff alike.

Tilly’s policy is whenever you are passionate about what you do, it’s no longer a job.

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